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All movie posters are ORIGINAL.
For collectors and dealers...

We served to movie poster dealers and collectors since 6 years as "turkposter.com"
Now our target is to present mainly fantastic movie posters and graphics art - illustrated movie posters.

We knew that Turkish Movie Posters were not widely known at the world, also had not a large market. But day by day, some Turkish sellers, began to present and introduce the Turkish Movie Posters.
We can tell that, the most important point is the difference of art. Cause, during 1960-90 period, Turkish importer companies didn't print the original design or illustrations. Some Turkish artists and designers created them. It was cheaper because.
That was a nice chance, so the movie poster collectors now, can meet a lot of different movie posters with beautiful illustrations.
Those young student of 60's-70's, such as Ibrahim ENEZ, Omer MUZ, SAHIN and the others are well known graphics artists and illustrators of Turkey now.
All Movie Posters presented by TURKPOSTER.COM are original movie posters, printed at the period that the movies were at the theaters. Movie Posters are mostly belongs to 1950 - 1980 period.

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